Electroneurobiology : Brain/mind issues : Physical production of the different affects. (Partly in: Castellano, Français, Deutsch, English, Portuguese, Guarani)

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Hospital Neuropsiquiátrico "Dr. José Tiburcio Borda"

Laboratorio de Investigaciones Electroneurobiológicas

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Y revista Electroneurobiología

ISSN: ONLINE 1850-1826 - PRINT 0328-0446

English opening (in Spanish on the next page - en castellano en la siguiente página de red: pulse "Entrar aquí", más abajo): While neuroscience, as a branch of biomedical research, is a tool for coping with disease, as a branch of humanities it is a tool for fathoming the human condition. And because of its being both, neuroscience conveys a description of people whose truth is held grounded upon the neuroscience’s effectiveness to suggest remedies for disease. This effectiveness makes it believable. Like any believable selfdepiction, the neuroscientific selfportrait induces people to agree or disagree with specific societal views and governmental measures – whereby the neuroscientific description of people also becomes a tool for politics. It happens in a way similar as some interests benefit and others are countered by ideas about the human condition vehicled through, say, The Matrix’s subjectivism or “Harry Potter”’s gnosticist denial of certain limits to one’s powers. Electroneurobiology is the part of neuroscience studying within the brain tissue the biologically or psychologically orchestrated fluctuations of certain physical field, namely the electric field, that stands quite well known from other areas of contemporary technoscience. The electric field overlaps and is intimately coupled with another physical field, into different parcels of which field people find their causal interactions the most immediately localized in nature. Since we cannot yet handle or otherwise probe this later field – as it too happens, for example, with regard to the gravitatory one – our sole current access to this later field is the electroneurobiological coupling with it. Thereby electroneurobiology becomes pivotal for the scientific, humanistic and political roles accomplished by neuroscience. The journal Electroneurobiologia, founded in 1993 as a specialized supplement of the 1939-started Folia Neurobiólogica Argentina, covers all these roles of its branch of learning: the humanistic roles as well as the ones in biomedical science and political affairs.


This website presents open-access, full-text versions of selected articles of Electroneurobiologia,  thus dealing with the themes or areas referred to by the keywords recorded at the end of this notice – some are non-English words, as they are used in some articles. We wish and hope to be able of presenting the research papers with at least the abstracts in the official languages of the Mercosur countries – Spanish, Portuguese and Guarani –  as well as other traditional languages of Western science such as French, German and English and some others of non-Western cultures. Yet keeping Electroneurobiologia online is not the sole or the main effort in which the Laboratory’s scientists are engaged. Any help to translate the abstracts or, ideally, the articles into any language is welcome. Even preliminary drafts of such traslations are very useful, as we can then procure to refine them. If you appreciate the importance of these research results and can and wish help with translations or drafts into whatever language, please contact us at the above e-mail.



Note on neuromarketing and neuroeconomics: A number of people nowadays come to this journal looking for technical insights useful to judge neuromarketing and neuroeconomics. While we cannot devote efforts to clarify for such special-purpose readers the untenable simplifications rampant in most treatments of those fields, a brief conclusive assessment may be of help and is in order here. Several articles of this journal show why functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, which measures changes in blood flow in order to ascertain the average intensity of brain-wave generating activity in different areas of the brain, cannot delve into the mind.


fMRI rather does just the same as the instrumental observation of any other behavior, i.e. accurately depicts some aspects of this bodily behavior so as to allow the observer to guess its psychological motivation – if any at all. Brain waves, far from being "the stuff of human thought", are the "movements" of the brain's electrical state – like as the movements of a limb, which also may be voluntary or involuntary – whereby the brain organ reacts either to extramental events or to mental initiatives.


Minds remain private: persuasible, maybe, but unshareable and inaugurating causal chains on private decisions. Inasmuch as consumer research improperly describes minds as purely reactive, memories as cerebral marks, and attention as driven solely by the object, the endeavor, of teaching companies around the world how to communicate strongly and instantly to the "buy button", that "part of the brain where the purchase decision takes place", and causing the 'analytical side to fall away' by putting shoppers into a "high dopamine" state, is a way for the teachers to build facade laboratories and go on making money from the companies - not for the latter to increase revenues.










Some keywords of the site:


anencephaly anencefalia anencéphale

anesthesy anestesia anesthesie



Aristotle Aristote Aristóteles Aristotele

artificial life

attention atenção atención atencional

axonema axoneme

bioethics bioética bioéthique bioetica

biofísica cerebral biophysics

brain-mind and mind-brain relationships: âme corps, cuerpo alma, cerebro mente, pensée cerveau, Gehirn Seele relação mente-cerebro apytu’û jogueraha

cadacualtez cadacualtic cadacuáltico cadacualtique

causality causalidad causalidade

cellular cognition

cilia ciliary

cognition cognitive neuroscience


consciousness consciencia conscience conciencia esprit

corteza cerebral cortex Hirnrinde cervello Apytu’ûme

demencia dementia

electroencefalogram electroencefalograma électroencéphalogramme

electroestimulation electroestimulación

electroneurobiology tajurekokuaa aratirindy pegua

electroneurodynamics electroneurodinámica

engram engrama


evoluzione evolución evolution


Gehirnforschung Hirnforschung

gnoseology gnoseología gnoseologie gnoseologia


guerre de velours


hibernation hibernación hibernação

histoire de la science

history of ideas: species-expressa/impressa teología eucaristía theology

interference patterns hologram


learning life artificial intelligence

massa física physical mass


memory and learning memoria aprendizaje jeheka Gedächtnis memória lembrança recall recordação recordar

mind definition definição de mente definición


nervous system evolution origen del sistema nervioso évolution du systême nerveux

neural networks

neurobiology tajurekokuaa neurobiologia


neuropsychiatry neuropsiquiatría

noergia noergy

nous poietikos

ontology of consciousness

paleontology paleontología

person persona personne

philosophical anthropology antropología filosófica anthropologie philosophique

philosophy philosophical anthropology philosophie filosofía filosofia


Planck instant

Precambrian functions of relation

psicofisiologia ângarekokuaaha ângarekokuaahápe


psychism psiquismo

psychology psicología psychologie

psychopathology psicopatología





semovience semovient semoviencia semoviente

shock electroshock

sistema nervioso système nerveux sistema nervoso

sleep biophysics

sociology of neurobiology sociology of neuroscience sociología neurobiológica sociologie

soul Seele Seelenforschung

special relativity joguerahaviárava

sueño sommeil soñar sono sonhar sonho

tajurekokuaa aratirindy peguápe

tasyo iñakâme hasývape guuarâ mba’ekuaavetehára

tavao Buenos Aires pegua


time perception percepção do tempo interval transform


ultrahistory ultrahistoire ultrahistoria

vegetative states estados vegetativos

vorengarekokuaápe guarâ


Occasional topics: satisfaction neuromark attractivité des produits impact des messages sur le cerveau neuroestrategy memetic attenuation brains respond to advertising and other brand-related messages entornos polisensoriales ergonomía neuromarketing hedonist neuroestrategies neuroeconomics neuroeconomía neuroeconomist corporate advertising political brain scan medial prefrontal cortex gehirnabläufe denkprozesse brain waves branding comunicación polysensory environments from ergonomy to neuromarketing buy button reward centers of men's and women's brains neuro-associating the product with images and branding messages from commercials secret shopper undercover marketing neurolinguistische programmieren programmazione neurolinguistica programacion impulso all’acquisto efficacité commerciale memetics gehirnforschung hirnforschung neuropädagogik brainwashing neurotheologie motive der einkäufer konsumenten marketing-beratung verkaufstraining marketing unbewusste emotionen neurosense neural correlates of behavioral preference for culturally accepted products marketing-related diseases political propaganda more effective promotion of degraded values efficacité de persuasion cerveaux cerveau reptilien hedonisme neurones décideurs consumer preference mercantilismo hedonista botón del deseo placer en el cerebro positivdenker powerseller neuromarketer patrick renvoisé justine meaux steven quartz christophe morin nestor braidot read montague clint kilts brighthouse thought sciences neuro-marketing néstor braidot marca asociaciones de ideas desafío pepsi challenge neuro-imagerie neuroimágenes neuroimage neuroimages neurobabble neurodiversity retail anthropology pepsi-problem neurostrategien neuroökonomen


Some people names (and misspellings) employed in the historical treatments:

Vicente Tamini

Vicente Fidel López

Saturnino Salas

Carlos Tejedor

José Mármol

Esteban Echeverría

Miguel Cané

Marcos Paz

Antonio Aberastain

Miguel Ángel Materazzi

Cornelius Ariens Kappers

Juan Bautista Alberdi

Alberto Alberti

Amancio Alcorta


José T. Borda J. T. Borda José Tiburcio Borda

Ramón Carrillo

Indalecio Cortínez

Constantin von Economo

Juan Carlos Goldar

Christfried Jakob Christofredo Jakob

Cristofredo Jakob Cristofredo Jacob Christfried Jacob

Braulio Moyano Braulio Aurelio Moyano

Raúl Garabelli

Richard Sudnik Ricardo Sudnik

Octavio Mossotti Ottavio Fabrizio Mossotti

Diego Luis Outes Diego Outes

Jacinto Carlos Orlando

Fernando Orioli

Mariano Celaya

Ricardo Mandolini Guardo

Rodolfo Mondolfo

Osvaldo Loudet

Eugenio Pucciarelli

Bruno Piccione

Alicia Moreau de Justo

José Ingenieros

Clemente Onelli

León Ostrov

Fidias Cesio

Felipe Cia Felipe Cía

Juan José Morgan

José Bleger

Luis Grinstein

Antonio Fernández Pereiro

Jorge Fernández Amallo

José Luis Ravello

Rogelio Driollet Laspiur

Luis Felipe García de Onrubia

Tomás Masciti

Mario García Acevedo

Hideo Tsuchiya Hideo

Antonio Berciani Antonio Ber Ciani

Antoine Berthou Antonio Berthou

José Cohen Tarica

Domingo Cabred

Francisco de Veyga

Rodolfo Senet

Víctor Mercante

Antonio Vidal

Rodolfo Rivarola

Nicolás Matienzo

Norberto Piñero

Horacio G. Piñero Horacio Piñero

Alfredo Calcagno

Carlos Rodríguez Etchart

Juan Cuatrecasas Arumí

Pio del Rio Hortega Pío del Río Hortega

Justina Acevedo de Botet

Felipe Botet

Buenaventura Bosch

Gonzalo Bosch

Atlántico Francia

Mariano Alurralde

Frank L. Soler Frank Soler

Amable Jones

Nerio A. Rojas Nerio Rojas

Enrique Mouchet

Victor Mercante

Aníbal Ponce Anibal Ponce

Alberto Palcos

Juan Peron Juan Domingo Perón

Cesare Lombroso César Lombroso

Theodor Ziehen

Karl Kleist

Xavier Zubiri

Aquinas Aquino

Guillermo Furlong

Círculo Médico Argentino

























































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